Zack Le Nez Biography

Zack Le Nez Began he’s DJ career at the young age of 13 and has become a big name amongst the likes of Clockwork Orange, Hot Bed of which he is a resident and has found himself a regular for Abode and recently Mambo party at McQueen’s. Zack has also played at some of Ibiza best clubs including O Beach, Sankey’s, Bennimusa Park, Es Veve to name a few. 2019 is looking busy in Zack’s diary, playing at Old School Ibiza touring all of the best venues on the island not forgetting all he’s regular parties. Zack has also had the pleasure of playing at some of London’s best venues including 338, Print works, Tobacco Dock and McQueen’s. Zack has worked hard to get where he is today and has had 10 seasons in Ibiza to date and that is testament to his determination to be at the top of UK and Ibiza promoters list of first choice DJs and hopefully going forward internationally most wanted. Resonate London also has the pleasure of Zack playing at the opening parting and has become our first DJ to showcase our new booking platform, artist management page on our brand new website, which we’re all very excited about. Zack has become a close friend and I can only say that good things are going to happen in he’s career. I personally believe he will be the biggest UK house DJ on the scene of the likes of Brandon Block Alex P which Zack shares that old school character with and is missing from the current house music DJ both, and also set the pace for the younger generation of DJs.

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Michael Fairman AKA Carter Biography

Since the age of 16 I was doing anything I could to get into raves. The squat scene was huge for my age at the time and was where I wanted to be on a Friday or Saturday night, no matter the location or how hard it was going to be to get there. However, the minute I turned 18 I was straight to Studio 338 to get a real taste of the big stuff! From that night forward I fell in love with house in a way I’d never experienced music before. However, it wasn’t until I was at university that I had my first chance to even try mixing any tracks. My friend Tom showed me the ropes teaching me how to throw drum and bass tracks together, but once I’d got the hang of things I had to put my tunes into practise. Every opportunity I had to be behind the decks I took it, mixing at every pres, party and afters I could. I started making mixes and putting them online, sending them to local promoters and event organisers until I eventually got noticed back in early March and made my debut at the Arch in Brighton. Since then I’ve supported several big names in the scene as well as making my festival debut at WeAre this summer. It’s been an absolute rollercoaster so far, honestly such a privilege to be behind the decks supplying grooves for a crowd, He wouldn’t have it any other way!

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