Chelsea Singh Biography

Chelsea Singh International DJ producer, entrepreneur and business man. Chelsea’s career spans over 25 years in the music business, radio and television industries. He has a massive love for house music and it is his greatest passion. During his Dj’ing career Chelsea has had the privilege of playing along side world class DJ’s Carl Cox and Boy George as well as various other house hold names. Chelsea started as resident at Rulin and Babushka at The Ministry of Sound and from there ventured out to Tenerife where he played at Buzby’s and Bobby’s Bar for many years, as well as appearing in Ibiza at O beach and various boat parties over the years. Chelsea has 2 tracks on release in the next month and we’ll be showcasing them on the Resonate London website very soon. Chelsea has his own signature retro style, you’ll never forget him, he’s smart, straight talking, funny and definitely unique in character. 2019 has seen him DJ in countries around the world including a private set aboard a £50m yacht in Monaco. Chelsea has experience of live radio sessions, and was a regular on Centreforce FM 88.3 and Flex FM. In January 2020 Chelsea is off to play in Peru for the full moon parties for Organica Gathering which he’s really looking forward to. Exciting stuff is just going on, for Chelsea right now.

Besides this he has been producing music and has a few tracks coming out soon on Sure Player Recordings a track called Sarangi which Chelsea and Andy Galea produced. Chelsea is also working with a true legend, Booker T, Booker T was always an inspiration to me said Chelsea, so to work alongside him is incredible. Currently in Sweden playing, upon his return he will he playing at new club in Brighton called Zahara Next stop Ministry of sound for Halloween 2019 Negotiations are underway for bookings in eastern Europe including Poland and Romania. The diary for this year is now virtually fully booked. 2020 looks like it’s going to be a very hectic and busy year, but he will always have a place at Resonate. Resonate London have great pleasure in being given opportunities to work with Chelsea and we’re grateful for his support.

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