Rob Parish Biography

Rob has been involved in Music and DJing since he was a teenager, having played in bands since his school days. His first DJ gig was as a fresh faced 19 year old, playing a mix of punk, funk, soul and reggae, but playing live music as a drummer, bassist, singer and guitarist was always his priority, until a night out at Sin at the Astoria in the late 80’s where he caught the House and DJing bugs.

Since then he has played everywhere and with everyone, in the UK as well as right across Europe, also having promoted his own parties such as Disco Inferno, Ghost, Spirit and more recently Club Perverse. Since 2000, Rob has DJ’d heavily on the Fetish Club circuit, with a 12-year residency at Club RUB. Recent mainstream parties have included Clockwork Orange, We Are Balearic, Re:Connect and House Religion.

Rob’s musical style is uplifting house with a twist, playing funky, jackin, techy house music from the contemporary scene, as well as old school jazz-funk, soul, disco, rare groove and house for the retro scene.

Rob is an experienced radio presenter with shows on RTM and Juice in the 90’s, and more recently hosting his own prime-time Saturday House Of Love show on

Rob is currently working on tracks for his second album on his own Bon Temps label, as well as working on various dance music projects, on his own and with various collaborators, and as of January 2020, has announced the formation of his own dance music label, QDM

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