In the beginning there was…..well 2017 to be precise.

Paul Dawes & Dan Power met in Ibiza, it was only a brief meeting, but when they landed back in the UK, they bumped into each other again and quickly their friendship was formed.

Dan and Paul have been as thick as thieves since.  They are no strangers to clubland, and have over the last 20 years possibly longer, attended club nights and events up and down the UK.

Dan and Paul have been frequent visitors to Ibiza otherwise known as the White Island. While chatting with each other they realised they have both lost Parents to cancer, Dan has sadly lost Siblings too. Paul’s brother sadly passed away in 2019 to Cancer. So to make a positive from a negative they came up with an idea. To put on House Music events and have fun partying with an opportunity to raise awareness and to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Nurses. They racked their brains over the name for several hours, but finally something clicked, something resonated. This is when Resonate was born

For their first event for every ticket sold they donated £5 to the Macmillan Cancer Nurses

Resonate LDN was created by Paul Dawes and Dan Power. We came together to give you a unique party experience. Our Music Style is Uplifting, Funky, Disco and Tech House.
Our Resident and Guest DJ’s are a blend of old and new. Making it that perfect formula.
Each party we will strive to come back bigger and better.

We started this out of love for the music, and to give you the best party experience.

Welcome to Resonate, We hope you all enjoy being part of something fresh and new.